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Delivery Information

Thank you for ordering lunchboxes with Mela Food Express. Please pay attention to the delivery arrangement below. 

1. Self Pick-up 

Please pick-up your lunchbox according to the 'Pick-up Point' and 'Pick-up Time' you specified in the order just now. Thanks! 

For any queries, please contact our team at 2703 9994 or by Whatsapp 9316 0772

Pick-up Point: Photo: Areas Covered: Map:
A. Foot-bridge close to World Wide House Central

環球大廈、 怡和大廈、交易廣場一期、交易廣場二期、交易廣場三期、會德豐大廈、 歷山大廈、 聖佐治大廈、大昌大廈、 馮氏大廈、國際金融中心

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B. Hong Kong Club Building – close to Central MTR Exit J3

美國銀行中心、和記大廈、東昌大廈、 香港會所大廈、友邦金融中心、中國建設銀行大廈、 太子大廈

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C. HSBC Main Building - Queens Road Central

長江集團中心、 中銀大廈、渣打銀行大廈、 中國銀行大廈、衡怡大廈、匯豐銀行總行、 東亞銀行總行

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D.  Ice House Street – close to The Landmark

嘉軒廣場、 律敦治行、帝納大廈、香港鑽石會大廈、印刷行 都爹利街一號、 新世界大廈、太平行

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EChina Building – close to Theatre Lane

華人行、中建大廈、 南華大廈 、興瑋大廈、陸海通大廈、萬邦行、永安中區大廈、創興銀行中心、德成大廈

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2) Delivery to Doorstep

You may enjoy free delivery to your doorstep for 5 or more lunchboxes in each order. We will deliver your lunch to the address you just provided in the order.  

 Please feel free to contact our team at at 2703 9994 or by Whatsapp 9316 0772.