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Fresh Soups:

Thank you for keeping the thermal flask. We will collect them at the pick-up point during your next purchase. In case of loss, HK$100 admin fee would be charged, thank you.


Roasted Tomatoes. Bell Pepper. White Beans Bisque

HK$35.00 CashDollar to use: 35

秋冬來臨,Mela Food Express 為大家準備左暖笠笠既西式健康熱湯,凡惠顧午餐即可以優惠價 $18 享用自家制、不含味精的西式熱湯

(a la carte HK$35@)

** 我們會使用保溫湯壺送到客戶手上 ** 

  1. 此保溫湯壺,我們需要回收,湯壺一般會在翌日或下次訂餐時收回 (收壺時間12:15-1:15)
  2. 為避免打擾客戶時間,我們懇請客戶自行退回取餐點
  3. 如客戶有特別收壺指示,可跟我們商議 (WhatsApp 93160772 / Hotline 27039994).
  4. 如遺失湯壺需收款$100/個,煩請好好代為保管,以免額外收費

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